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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Upcoming Lecture Schedule

With the arrival of spring we have some exciting announcements to make for the Song of the Untouchable schedule. First and foremost we have the premiere of Greg's new composition, Song of the Untouchable, on Friday April 29th at the King Center in Denver. We hope that everyone can make it to this multi-media presentation by Greg and the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, as they perform Greg's new piece. Also, we'll be projecting imagery captured from Greg's journey over the orchestra for the entire performance. Plus, Chuck Fryberger Films will be on hand filming, marking the final piece of production for the feature documentary. You can be famous!

Also on the schedule are the following two presentations by Greg:

1) 11 am, April 13th, Gregory Walker, Enter the Untouchables

"A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the upcoming international documentary release, Song of the Untouchable. The presentation will feature footage of Gregory Walker's travels with the Chuck Fryberger Films crew - and musical performances in the picturesque Kerala region of India."

Starz Film Center Auraria Campus Denver

2) 11 am, April 22, Gregory Walker and Chuck Fryberger, Song of the Untouchable

"Describing the upcoming premiere of Song of the Untouchable for Video Violin and Chamber Orchestra. The technology involved will be demonstrated. The audience will be briefed on a participatory aspect of the work. Chuck Fryberger will talk about the acquisition of the video footage."

Kenneth King Center Recital Hall, Auraria Campus, Denver

Please feel free to come to either of the discussions, and we hope to see everyone at the premiere on April 29th!